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Light summer reading at your fingertips

5 May

Who was auditioning for Curbed or Catherine Ross’ graduate research assistant position and rewrote the entire Atlanta metropolitan area entry on Wikipedia as their writing sample? Someone who really – I mean really – dove into that new Census data. And someone who also wrote the “Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion” and “History of Retail in Metro Atlanta” entries and individual entries of so-called “major edge cities” (???) of Atlanta, that’s for sure.

If you don’t have time to read all 9,000 words of the exhausting Atlanta MSA page, at LEAST look at its nightmare urban apocalypse images, including one of of a demon cloud swirling over the city skyline.

via Wikipedia

Here are the highlights: Continue reading

I love Wikipedia

24 Oct

As I deal with the disappointing blow of Christa’s most recent blog and wait to leave for Tara all the same, I was looking at the “Atlanta” listing on Wikipedia. My favorite is the pictures, like this one of Peachtree Street in 1907 (although I’m not totally sure what this refers to, as roughly 3/4 of the streets in Atlanta are some version of “Peachtree Street”):

And while I do that some of the entry is bogus information, it’s worth reading. I learned some neat history, that may or may not (probably not) be true.

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