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Roses are red, violets are actually violet

14 Feb

magic-love-candle-mainWe trimmed our list of favorite grown and sexy hits performed live at Tanqueray Lounge to these three, making a short and smooth playlist for your Valentine’s Day.

Saxophonist of Distinction Rod Adwaters, “My Funny Valentine”

Eddie Sawyer, “Open House at My House”

B.O.S.S. Funk, “Baby I Love You”

Light up your luckiest love candle from Rondo, hit “play” above, and pick which House member is going to be your Valentine this year. (Don’t forget to email us at true.romance@house.ga.gov and tell us, or someone else might claim your rep).

There’s no place like P-Hut for the holidays

6 Feb

For those of you not acquainted with the greeting card aisle of this special Cheshire Bridge retailer, you have one week left to learn what’s up and surprise your valentine with a truly unique sentiment, captured on yellowing cardstock.

They add to the merchandise but never shift out the old stuff – it’s a treasure trove of campy cards that probably go back to Poster Hut’s inception (prices not adjusted for inflation, either). They carry a lot by one greeting card company called Aquavision that was made in Baltimore. If you see anything by this brand (all dated 1984), purchase it immediately!

2175 Cheshire Bridge Road

Do you guys remember Glamour Shots?

12 Feb

I always wanted to get them done.  Always.  I’m not ashamed.  I mean, dang.  Do you remember the teachers who would slip a Glamour Shot into the yearbook as opposed to the regular old “picture day” photo?  I wish I had been there to overhear that conversation between said teacher and the yearbook staff.  “Um, yeah, it’s just that I was sick on picture day, and on retake day, but luckily, I have these professional photos just laying around, so I was thinking these might be OK!”  Then you get the popped collar on the acid-washed denim jacket, streaks of fushcia blush, and if you’re lucky, a Kennesaw Claw to top it off (I would give you a nice link to a nice version of the Kennesaw Claw here, but I don’t want to hurt any feelings).
Anyways, I recently went for the awesome version of Glamour Shots.  Not the real Glamour Shots, which is apparently still around and no longer providing sequined outfits for all the models.  I went to PinUpGirl Cosmetics over in Grant Park, and got the hair, make-up and photo shoot treatment.  It was spectacular.  As a mom (this is where some of you realize that it is mamalikey writing this post, and not Christa, so I’m pausing while you remember that I am that deadbeat contributor who never writes entries any more) who usually looks frumpalicious from day to day, just having someone paint my face and touch my hair was pretty amazing.  The best part: they totally touched up my photos and made me look much much much smaller from the neck down.  So now I have proof of what I would look like if I went to the gym.  It hurts.  But it makes a great gift for my husband!  I highly recommend going, even if just for one of their hair and make-up specials.  You will feel like a real pin-up.  Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to blow money on things like this.  You get to make yourself feel really pretty and awesome, but you can tell everyone that it wasn’t really for you.  It was for your significant other.  Obviously.

A V.D. you won’t soon forget

11 Feb

Do you ever see a 20-year high school reunion falling out of the Fur Bus and wonder how exactly the Fur Bus intends to clean all the alcohol-charged secretions and spills out of the fur and other porous surfaces? Mile High Atlanta has all your hygiene bases covered because you actually get to keep your sheet as a souvenir. Yes, Mile High Atlanta is exactly what you think it is. (via Nice Slacks)

If your special someone is acrophobic but you’re totally into planes, there’s still the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant overlooking the Peachtree-DeKalb Executive Airport. The patio will be perfect if it’s not raining and there’s a little cat that hangs out there and around the landing field. Plus Saturday night is “open dancing” in the bar so if you’re lucky you’ll also get to line dance with your honey to “Dancing Queen”!

UPDATE: The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant has been closed for two years now. Thanks to Eric for updating me. My ignorance betrays the last time I made it to eat there (2-1/2 years ago?).
Follow Chris G‘s advice and go to Downwind.

Happy V.D.

14 Feb

Fortunately for you guys, the state and counties have not yet restricted water usage in heart-shaped hot tubs, so fire up the massage jets, pour in a generous helping of the finest chocolate raspberry bath crystals $4.97 can buy, and have the sensual Valentine’s Day you deserve!

(Drought/hot tub jokes will be forever hilarious to me, by the way, and I will continue to find ways to use this photo.)

Vintage V-Day

14 Feb


Previously: Love for sale

Some V-day ideas so that you can go all the way.

7 Feb

In light of the fact that my boyfriend has stood me up for the last two Valentine’s Days in a row, I told him that this year he had to do something awesome to make up for my lack of teddy bear and Kit Kat Bar reception in years past. I don’t know about everyone else, but I know a lot of people who need some help figuring out what some good ideas are so I have made a list of the best options for V-day excitement.

The best thing I have seen yet this year is something that my roommate got for her BF and I’m pretty sure she will be getting snuggles galore for this one.

If you want to purchase this bundle of love, go here.

For those with a bit heftier of a budget, or some V-days past making up to do, Creative Loafing put out a list of Atlanta restaurants that will be having Valentine’s Day menus. The Ritz Carlton is having a chocolate tea party which sounds pretty awesome outside of the fact that it’s $48. I’m hoping that my gentleman is planning on taking me to the Rathbun’s Valentine’s special, although I’m not holding my breath. At this point, I’ll be happy with the not-a mystery-fish fillet sandwich from Wendy’s.

Option 3 is my personal top choice for a receiving or giving end: CHOCOLATE. I would recommend the chocolate cake from Cakes by Coco because “Absolutely Nothing Makes an Event More Memorable.” And you don’t even have to buy a whole cake! They sell them by the chunk.

Any of these ideas should produce some level of loving from your Valentine (at least they would from me).

Love for sale

15 Jan

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Lust for list

29 Dec

T. Wheatdawg is in charge of 2008’s Lust List over at Creative Loafing so do us all a favor and send him the names of the many, many secret crushes you’ve been harboring all year.

The Lust List is published around Valentine’s Day and “celebrates Atlanta’s unsung hotties.” The winners for 2006 worked at places like the Apple store, American Apparel, and MJQ so, you know, nominate accordingly.

Then, in a month or so, invite your lustee to your Valloween party. Halloween + Valentine’s Day = Vallooween. So there’s some romance mixed in with slutty costumes.

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