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MARTA in the movies

12 Feb

MARTA has played a bit part in a few films over the years, whether Atlanta is a cheap location for a film set in some other city or explicitly acknowledged. There’s the very memorable hijacking of a MARTA bus at the beginning of Burt Reynolds’ Sharky’s Machine (1978), memorable mainly in the sense that everything that happens after this point is excruciatingly unmemorable. sharkys machine

Kim Bassinger takes it in The Real McCoy (1993) after she’s just been released from jail where she was doing time for a botched bank robbery, now on MARTA and on her way to new life, a fresh start. We’ve all been there before.
the real mccoy

MARTA is hilariously rebranded as “NARTA” in Livin’ Large! (1991). Livin’ Large was shot all over the city, so if you’re really into that, be our guest.
livin large

The most felicitous use of MARTA, however, is in the truly terrible 1985 movie you’ve never heard of, The Heavenly Kid. Continue reading

Mrs. Georgia 1968

10 Feb

The Mrs. Georgia pageant of 1968 was just like the Miss Georgia pageant of 1968, only with way more concealed arms and way more chafing dishes. SO MANY chafing dishes.

Lester Maddox gathered ’round Mrs. Augusta, Mrs. Atlanta, Mrs. Macon, Mrs. Savannah, Mrs. Golden Isles, Mrs. Rome, and Mrs. Athens to let the ladies show off how quickly and elegantly they could whip up an embellished cake and a chafing dish-based entree, design a unique place setting, and other wifely tasks – the winner taking home the title of Mrs. Georgia 1968.

Not to sound Episcopalian, but was anyone else a little disappointed by Mrs. Atlanta being such a show-off, cooking three things when everyone else just made two? I regret not getting the chance to see her tablescape, as only two or three place settings make the cut in the above clip. Continue reading

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