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The gay ’90s

18 Apr

Imagine, if you will, that there are these Atlanta cops, and they find out there are drugs possibly being dealt at this gay bar, so they go to bust up the bar…

…only to fall in love.

Real life? No, we’re talking about In the Flesh, an independent gay film shot in 1997 Atlanta.
It is so gay, it is so ’90s, it is so Atlanta. Eat your heart out, Gregg Araki!

The first thing that tipped us off that In the Flesh was no ordinary movie was the really intensely detailed Wikipedia entry, in which the section summarizing the movie’s plot is longer than the same section for The Godfather‘s Wikipedia page. Then there are the polarized Netflix reviews. Naturally, we needed to see this for ourselves. (Please watch the trailer here to really get a “feel” for the movie before proceeding.) Continue reading

Trouble brewing somewhere underneath Ponce

16 Apr

I read ATLWeekly for all my local gossip. 90% of the time I have no idea what it’s about since it all involves a very specific group of men about town, but I feel more informed and that’s what counts. Anyway, the rumormonger(s) at ATLWeekly is reporting a front room vs. back room feud that is causing some tension between patrons of the crawl spaces known as the Drunken Unicorn and MJQ, triggered by a letter very closely akin to Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. Except this particular inflammatory document was nailed to a pole in front of Green’s Liquor instead of a cathedral, and its diatribe is addressed to “the Stupid Unicorn” instead of Roman Catholic authorities, and it pontificates on the controversial topic of who started dancing to Britpop first instead of the sale of indulgences.

Sorry, I really tried to fit a Diet of Worms joke in there but just couldn’t make it work.

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