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History Twins, will you mayor-y me?

25 Oct

We are officially over the hill with The Making of Modern Atlanta. The second installment aired in 1993, two years after the first four episodes. The History Twins were still high off their regional Emmy nomination for “How We Played The Game” and ready to rock the PBA audience demanding more, more, more History Twins! This reinforced confidence in their game led to a few new snazzy enhancements on the series, like wackier introductions to each episode, Dr. White accenting his safari jackets with a little color base, and a new design to the titles and whatever it’s called that tells you the name of the person talking on the screen.
Our fifth episode of TMOMA starts at City Hall, with the words we all dream of hearing spoken to us one day…

“Mr. Mayor, Professors Crimmins and White are here to see you.”“Who?” Continue reading

Feast your eyes

23 Mar

Y’all, FOOD CARTS, am I right? In case you’re not keeping tabs:

This Friday heralds the ASFC’s urban picnic at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market on Edgewood, from 11 AM to 2 PM. To celebrate, I dug up some photos of the Municipal Market/Curb Market in the ’70s from the Atlanta History Center’s archive. The Curb Market site has a nice brief history (with PICTURES!). If you have never been to the Curb Market and then finally go there Friday you will see that obviously it is a building and not a curb – this goes back to the days when the market was segregated and white people sold and shopped inside (the Municipal Market) while black customers and sellers operated outside on the curb. FYI.

From the looks of these photos, the Municipal Market was like the Manuel’s Tavern of farmers markets in the 1970s. (Did that analogy make any sense to you?) The market itself is not the only thing from these decades-old photos that is still around today – check out Jake’s Ice Cream and Andy Young’s haircut.

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