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Pecanne Log’s Suburban Explorer: Scottdale

21 Feb

If you go down Ponce past Decatur, past Kudzu, past the galaxy cats mural, past YDFM, you’ll end up pretty quickly in Scottdale. Scottdale ended up on the map because of Col. George Washington Scott, owner the Scottdale Cotton Mill and major donor to the Decatur Female Seminary, renamed Agnes Scott College in memory of his mom. Scottdale Mill closed in 1982, four years after the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills and more than a decade after Whittier Mill (also owned by the Scotts) were shuttered. Now one of the biggest games in town is the creatively named Steel, LLC and the area suffers from the unincorporated malaise so specific to DeKalb County.

Scottdale also pioneered beefing it up.

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Pecanne Log’s Suburban Explorer

22 Jan

One thing that has been brought to our attention recently is HOW TERRIBLE IT IS TO FEEL LIKE A PRISONER IN YOUR OWN HOME. This is why Pecanne Log has created a new feature to help you get out of your house and see new things, anything, anything at all really, even if it means driving down Memorial Drive through unincorporated DeKalb, even if it means taking the interstate, even if it means going to a place that doesn’t even have its own website.


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Best license plate ever

25 Jun


I don’t know how many people out there need to reregister your cars this month, but I am pretty bummed that I just shelled out $34 for a new license plate in Dekalb County. ‘Why?’ you ask. Well, the Georgia Aquarium just announced the new design for Georgia Aquarium license plates. Damn you, Miles Cline, and your winnings!

Miles Cline was the lucky grand prize winner of our random drawing, winning a trip for two to Marineland for a day of dolphin programs and encounters!

If you are lucky enough to have a birthday that falls after the cursed month of June, you can buy your awesome license plate here.

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