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Christmas judgment

21 Dec

It’s nearly the end of another year, which means it’s time to reflect on all the people who rubbed us the wrong way in 2011 and make empty threats about what we’ll do to them if they pull that shit one more time in 2012.

In the interest of Christmas cliches, we have compiled our annual naughty and nice list. Do you want the good news first or the bad news first?

1. Kim Severson
2. Robbie Brown
3. Kim Severson and Robbie Brown on the same byline

Everyone’s still buzzing about Severson’s latest thing, “that pecan article” (come on, Hawkdogg hasn’t updated his MySpace page since March!), and we’re probably still rolling our eyes over Severson-Brown’s “black Hollywood” piece. (Good inventory of subtle offenses here.)

Oh, and let’s not forget Brown’s Waffle House crime story.

These are the issues that Atlanta and the South face. THESE ARE THE THINGS NEW YORK TIMES READERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TO CONTINUE SHAPING THEIR WORLDVIEW which apparently begins and ends with that one scene from Mame where Lucille Ball goes to Savannah to meet Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside’s family.

But these articles to which we’ve already alluded barely scratch the surface of what Severson and Brown are capable of! Sometimes they cover the ho-hum trend pieces for which The New York Times is famous, or they’ll hone in on one person in a human interest profile and won’t try to convince the readership that this one Bogart man or “Windy” (=Gone With the Wind fanatic) represents the whole of the South, all of it, every last person. But then there are the times they get carried away, lost in some grotesque scattershot caricature that they know readers from other geographic regions will read with glee.

Behold some of their most offensive clippings and anecdotes from the past year or so: Continue reading

Blue Christmas

18 Nov

Dust-to-Digital is releasing the 20th anniversary edition of Ten Thousand Points of Lights, a documentary (directed by George King) that introduces us to the Townsends, a chain-smoking, Divorce Court-addicted Stone Mountain family and their modest little ranch home which is a year-round homage to Elvis but, at a Christmas, becomes a kitschy fantasy land of twinkling colored lights, decaying tinsel garlands, Santa potholders, and a nativity scene made from s’more ingredients. For 17 years, they opened their home every holiday season to strangers who would come from all over to admire and tour “the Christmas house” (if the guests could follow Uncle Ray’s rules and not ask stupid questions about the power bill). The documentary follows the Christmas house’s last season in the public eye – after 1990, the whole family moved to Charlotte.
I don’t want to try to describe any of the special and hilarious moments and the marvelous characters in this film because I won’t do them justice – just get your hands on this beautiful Dust-to-Digital packaging and special features that include commentary and “where are they now?” interviews of three of the family members. The interview with granddaughter Gloria mentions the conspiracy theories around the appearance of an Elvis-loving nun in the Christmas house when the cameras were rolling. (Rumors were flying that the nun was a plant!)

This would make a very festive stocking stuffer, I might add!

(UPDATE: And here’s the video promo. Cute!)

Nowadays, the closest thing we have to this in that part of town is Stone Mountain Park’s creepy snow angel, which you have to PAY to see.

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