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Light summer reading at your fingertips

5 May

Who was auditioning for Curbed or Catherine Ross’ graduate research assistant position and rewrote the entire Atlanta metropolitan area entry on Wikipedia as their writing sample? Someone who really – I mean really – dove into that new Census data. And someone who also wrote the “Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion” and “History of Retail in Metro Atlanta” entries and individual entries of so-called “major edge cities” (???) of Atlanta, that’s for sure.

If you don’t have time to read all 9,000 words of the exhausting Atlanta MSA page, at LEAST look at its nightmare urban apocalypse images, including one of of a demon cloud swirling over the city skyline.

via Wikipedia

Here are the highlights: Continue reading

Wi-fi on Ponce

2 Sep

These are REAL wireless networks along Ponce de Leon Avenue.

This one is at the intersection of Ponce and Boulevard. Spooky!!

This one popped up like a block east of the Clermont Hotel/Lounge.

Can you even imagine what the passwords are??

Follow-up note: Just realized there is now another Church’s Chicken on Ponce that is very close to where the old one was, so the wi-fi network was not my phone being haunted by a deceased fried chicken restaurant like my initial reaction implies. Sorry.

Ghost of Christmas Past

8 Dec

via City of Atlanta Online

Look, the City of Atlanta had someone paint a watercolor picture of the city skyline – for you, for Everyone, for the holidays. Look how it celebrates the bustling Renaissance Hotel and the viable SouthTrust Bank with a delicate digital brush effect! How can you hate the city too busy to find a more recent photo of itself for its annual holiday card to its citizens?

Previously: Working to Make You Proud

Senior superlatives, part I

13 Jul

I started to fill out my Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta ballot but had to stop because I am SO OVERWHELMED by all these categories on which I have no opinion. I immediately forgot all the things I do feel strongly about that I wanted to be sure got recognized. So I am just going to write little posts over the next weeks about each thing I intend to be sure I vote for, in case you might be inclined to patronize these establishments, real or virtual, due to Pecanne Log’s powerful influence over your decision making.

Providence Antiques

First of all, let me say that this place is a real class act before I talk about the things I’ve actually bought there. The owner has a French bulldog and there are always real interior designers stopping by. It smells so great and everything is so perfectly curated and arranged. The window display is just a work of art. I really hate to use the A-word on such a thoughtfully designed store, so I won’t name that chain store that everyone compares anything that’s the least bit charming these days. And don’t you dare either, because Providence is so much better! Keep in mind the “Antiques” in the name isn’t fully accurate in case you’re one of those people who gets overwhelmed by the traditional concept of an antiques store – there’s a complementary mix of new and old.

With all those sublime tokens and international antiques, there are still always some little items that are a bit rebellious and/or creepy, like this x-ray of a monkey I got a friend for her birthday gift.

I also got a great detail of an etching of Botticelli’s The Youth of Moses – the part of his childhood where he’s staring off next to the tiny chihuahua. It hangs prominently in my bathroom.

Both of these were in a stack of constantly-revolving sale items. I think most boutiques will, of course, have those very exclusive and expensive items for people with a dedicated decorating budget to spend (or no budget at all), but a truly great boutique will also have smaller treasures that are just as special but easy to drop pocket money on. You can buy cheap mass-produced crap anywhere that anyone else can find in any other city, but a mindful shop owner will find items in a wide range of prices so that most patrons can find something beautiful to take home, or at least something freaky.

The other great thing about Providence is that it stays open later than a lot of comparable boutiques. There’s a good chance she’ll still have the door open while you’re running into Movies Worth Seeing.

1409 N. Highland Avenue (Morningside)

“VMC vs. the Radio Star”

Even though Downhome Traces is a blog operation run by a real documentary film professional, he still needs your approval for the things he does. (Perhaps you remember his “Better Know a Neighborhood” series.) You should vote the short documentary “Video Music Channel vs. the Radio Star” for best YouTube video. It’s about Atlanta’s scrappy little music video channel. I know, I know – it’s really more Vimeo material as it’s shot in shockingly high quality and doesn’t involve humiliation, but whatever. Best YouTube – do it. Here are both parts. Continue reading

Working to Make You Proud

13 Jan

In one corner of the City of Atlanta’s website, it is always Shirley Franklin’s celebrated first term.
I clicked on “Contact Your Elected Officials” thinking I might be able to tell my councilperson to take care of this embarrassment immediately, but I just got this page begging me to contact President George Bush, Senators Zell Miller and Saxby Chambliss, my Representatives in Congress, Governor Sonny Perdue, Lt. Governor Mark Taylor, and Fulton County Commissioners to get clean water for Atlanta.

That’s cool – I will email right away and tell her!

Wetlanta even in my inbox

15 Oct

Picture 17I got this new theme for my Gmail because I was like, “A tree in a sunny field! That’s cute and uplifting!” But now I see it changes with the weather, and I’m depressed.

Picture 18

We’ll always have Coke

23 Jul

After a hellish 12 days with no internet in my home, I’m back! It’s really difficult to blog at coffee shops, because there are too many distractions. Blogging is hard! We just make it look easy.
Here’s a vintage reminder for those of you sad about the tenuous fate of Atlanta’s pandas. We will always have Coca-Cola!

Just a suggestion

10 Jul


This was only my first of many, many ballots I will forge for Creative Loafing‘s Best of Atlanta ’09, and look what I noticed:
Picture 9

Before I could even finish! Is the site prompting me to vote for him? Is it just a lucky prediction? Or has he garnered that many votes already? What does the smiley face mean? HOW DOES DEMOCRACY WORK?

(Sorry, Mark Davis, but we gotta stay tru to our roots and vote for T-Dubs. Bulldawgs 4 lyfe!)

We also want to encourage all our readers to vote for Miss Darrow’s vanity project, Burn Away, for best local arts website.

Pecanne Log won’t be campaigning for votes for any category because the shame of not winning after publicly admitting it’s important to us to have that kind of validation and recognition would be too crushing. We have dignity, you know! And last year we received some sort of consolation prize for making Thomas Wheatley a household name, and that’s enough, right? Here’s a photo of us at the award ceremony last year: Continue reading

News you can use

7 Jul now gives makeup tips along with their 10-day forecast. Now how about that?
Picture 3
As if every proper Southern lady hadn’t thought of that already!

Summer sweeps

7 Jul

n43466614396_1293383_6073It’s the summer doldrums in TV land – don’t even talk to me about NYC Prep, okay? If you need something to hold your attention and where the lead characters aren’t emotional cripples, I recommend digging through the archives of PBA 30’s This Is Atlanta with Alicia Steele website or YouTube page. The short episodes explore our city and its environs’ wonders and eccentricities, such as the Cotton States Cat Club, Burn Unit B-Boy Dance Crew, The Great Speckled Bird, the Pallookaville corn dog wagon, Legynds LARPers, &c., &c., &c.

How can you not love a show that plays Close to the Edge over merchant prince battle scenes?

It’s 2009 so we might as well

24 Jun

Y’all, we are doing Twitter. Mostly because the pressure of writing long and engaging posts became all too crushing, leading to a deafening silence on this blog, slowly leading to the realization that no one in Atlanta actually reads blogs anymore, just Twitter. So “follow” us, won’t you?Picture 1Don’t worry! We’re still hanging out here at the old URL we paid good money for! We’re just trying to fit in.

We wouldn’t be a ladyblog if we didn’t help out our fellow ladies once in a while

18 Feb

I know not everyone has a totally useless MySpace account for your blog so you might be missing out on all the awesome local single Men hanging out there instead of on Twitter, or whatever it is the kids are doing these days. If shop4guys is lying and these are dudes are not really available SO HELP ME GOD I will have to just search for “meatball57” and “69heaven69” with my two bare hands and a map of Clarkdale, Georgia.

OMG, “hornierbyt” is ONLINE! right now! Get on it, y’all!

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Coppertop News Network

9 Jan

Despite his seniority at Creative Loafing by virtue of attrition, Thomas Wheatley’s first real brush with fame was when Rick Sanchez cited him on Twitter and Facebook. But we all thought Thomas was officially Big Time after he was published in Next American City (circulation: 56, all city and regional planning grad students at UPenn). But then:
THE DR. SANJAY GUPTA. Does this mean Thomas may be tapped as Undersecretary of Diet Coke? Watch this space!

Oh and Thomas, this is our way of telling you we have your Gmail password. Whoops!

Buford Highway by design

9 Dec

While digging around for more information on Buford Highway after reading the Dr. Frank et al book I mentioned in the last post, I discovered the website for the Buford Highway Project. The site is still in beta mode and some links just say “coming soon”, but what is there is really fascinating. It will apparently be, one day, a photo essay and commentary on Buford Highway’s evolution. Just go and click around and read and look at the photos there so far. I though the project might be associated with this Healthy Places Research Group study on Buford Highway, but it’s just one guy doing this for fun.

I really wanted to find one of the commercials that used to air all the time when I was a kid for the Buford Highway Flea Market where a dozen people say, “Come shop for a bargain at the Buford Highway Flea Market,” in their native tongues. One of my friend could recite the whole commercial and we thought it was hilarious. The best I could find is this commercial for the Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery, also on Buford Highway.

Also, while poking around for Buford Highway-related stuff, I found the fairly new blog Mastering ATL by a digital media grad student studying the ecology of strip malls, of which Buford Highway has many.

See what I mean?

5 Dec

I am going to start collecting these. I don’t even want to know what he’s talking about.

Previously: A way with words

A way with words

5 Dec

I realize that Creative Loafing has reduced their RSS feed to one measly little teaser so that I will click through and endure their obnoxious pop-up ads and flashy banner ads and they can report to their advertisers of all the “internet impressions” they scored, but Thomas Wheatley‘s microsummaries are so pithy that I never have to leave Google Reader.

More voting blah blah blah

25 Nov

Well, I know you all are sick of being told to vote and who to vote for, but since we have audience with and influence over so, so many readers, we have been instructed to beseech you to vote for hometown heroes Regator in Mashable’s Open Web Awards. I don’t know what any of those last words I just typed mean, but just go to the Regator Blog and in that blue box on the right column just type in your email address(es), once a day. I have made this so simple for you with an illustration. You only have to do this until Sunday.

To vote, you don’t have to create an account or sign up for anything, just be sure to click the link in the verification email they send you. And if you have like seventeen different email addresses, then vote with every one of them every day! If Regator wins, they will buy booze for everyone who voted for them because we will demand it so.

As winners of a prestigious award ourselves, we know how accolades from your internet peers can sustain your self-esteem and pageviews for somewhere close to a week, and so we hope Regator can relish in that fleeting, hollow pride as well. Then, when another local publication releases their “Best of Atlanta” issue and Regator isn’t chosen as best local blog, Regator can feel even worse off than when the whole thing started, and try encouraging Thomas Wheatley to get a job at Atlanta magazine. Okay, I’m off to go read Ecclesiastes for comfort.

Crime mapping

14 Oct

Here’s a terrifying new way to spend your time if you haven’t discovered this already – the Atlanta Police Department’s crime mapping.

For example, all those little yellow things are aggravated assaults that happened between 8/24 and 9/6. Ninety-one total.

I was going to check if the DeKalb County PD has one of these maps, but I could not get past its homepage since the music there is so awesome. I am 100% sure Vernon Jones commissioned this theme song for the DCPD. Just leave your browser open to this page all day to add an extra sense of urgency to your tasks today.

Busy bees

8 Oct

Sometimes I feel an enormous amount of my Jewish guilt complex moving in when I don’t post anything here for a few weeks. This time though, I promise that it is for good reason. Myself and two other local bloggers, Jeremy Abernathy and Ben Grad have decided to combine our BA’s and start up yet another blog. After many a meeting we came to the conclusion that Atlanta does not have a good source for local artists and audiences who are interested in more than just calendar announcements to see what is happening. Of course, there is the wondrous photographic skill of Jonathan Bouknight and the scheduling prowess of Art Relish but the buck stops there.

Now, you can check out up to date reviews, interviews with artists, studio visits, and us attempting to put art history degrees to use at Burn Away. Content is updated very regularly so check it out. And often! We are regularly bringing on guest writers and a few others, so even if you get sick of us you can rest assured eventually someone will come along that doesn’t annoy the piss out of you.

Tell your secrets to the wall

8 Oct

If you’ve gotten tired of prank calling the Black Lips (or they got their phone shut off), here’s a new way to let Atlanta’s creative elite know when exactly you’re drunk – Epidemik Coalition’s wall! Not the Facebook kind, it is literally a wall. Email images to and somehow they will magically project in the EC studio. You can see what people have been sending in so far on their Tumblr page. Nothing especially outrageous – yet! Step it up, readers.

Look, these two people are just trying do their cool creative industry jobs and you are scandalizing them with your Thomas Wheatley fan art while you sit in a boring carpeted cubicle! DO IT!!! (But still be respectful, you know…)

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