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The episode with the inevitable Field of Dreams allusions

18 Oct

Wow, it’s been a while! We have not abandoned you, gentle readers, and have in the past month learned a valuable lesson about unplugging one’s DVD player from all those other things. And during football season! Of all the times to not be able to watch this:
That’s a baseball field but later on they get to football.

In our last viewing of The Making of Modern Atlanta, the History Twins explored the mysterious suburbs and exurbs, where all the Pier 1 Tuscan Heritage Collection wine racks and Rubbermaid bids used as children’s furniture in the world cannot keep up with the sprawling tentacles of cul-de-sacs and Colonial Williamsburg strip malls. (I know, I know; that run-on sentence is inconsistent because this show was filmed in the early ’90s and Tuscan decor didn’t hit big time until a decade later.) And if this is the first time you’re joining us on our serial exploration of The Making of Modern Atlanta, please start back here.)

Now we will explore the next means by which Atlanta has expanded beyond its capabilities for quality and long-term sustainability: major league sports. The History Twins LOVE sports.

Literally the first sentence of this episode has a Field of Dreams reference. “Atlantan Billy Payne heard a voice: ‘If you build it, they will come.'” So now we know that this, like many of the episodes of TMOMA, will be framed in the context of Olympics anxiety: “Have we made it? Is Atlanta Losersville or a big-league city?”

Somehow, I feel the answer to that question will be both.
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Hockey players have a sense of humor

15 Apr

Here’s a little video of our own Atlanta Thrashers making fun of other hockey players (specifically Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals) for starring in terrible commercials. I know they do the little clips at the games where they pretend to be gay or make fun of each other for being gay, but this is sort of amusing and I’m not even drunk from chugging a half gallon of beer at the CNN Center beforehand.

I guess this is the commercial to which they’re referring. It’s pretty awful:

The website that flashes at the end of the fake PSA just redirects to the Thrashers website. This was probably shown at last weeks’ game against the Washington Capitals? Our guys still lost.

via Videogum

Bullblog Bounce ’08

5 Sep

You know what? THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR that I care about college football. Because: a) UGA is/was ranked #1, and never have I been associated with anything that is “Number One”; b) there is a new bulldog; c) my awful neighbors are Florida fans and they are just awful; and d) $hamrock (winner of Vh1’s America’s Next Top White Rapper) has a hotttt new jam called “Bulldawg Bounce ’08“!!!!!!!

From now on we will be called PECANNE DAWGS and will cover Georgia football 24/7. I even made up a new category called “sports” to file all these posts under, see?

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