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Roses are red, violets are actually violet

14 Feb

magic-love-candle-mainWe trimmed our list of favorite grown and sexy hits performed live at Tanqueray Lounge to these three, making a short and smooth playlist for your Valentine’s Day.

Saxophonist of Distinction Rod Adwaters, “My Funny Valentine”

Eddie Sawyer, “Open House at My House”

B.O.S.S. Funk, “Baby I Love You”

Light up your luckiest love candle from Rondo, hit “play” above, and pick which House member is going to be your Valentine this year. (Don’t forget to email us at and tell us, or someone else might claim your rep).

Street hymns

29 Nov

Enough about Peachtree Street!
“Badstreet U.S.A.”  by Michael Hayes and The Fabulous Freebirds (from the 1987 album Off the Streets)

Shortly after this song debuted, Bad Street was renamed “Atlanta’s Historic Livingston Mims Motorway” to shed itself of negative connotations with the notorious and sloppy wrestler vs. punk blood feud that plagued the thoroughfare for the majority of the ’80s.

If I had to pick a real-life Bad Street Atlanta G-A, maybe I would go with the very south end of Moreland Avenue, past Coco Loco de la Noche. There are just a lot of beige nearly-windowless “sports” bars that seem like weathered men go in there every night and come out with nosebleeds, either from brawls over whether to play trashy honky-tonk or thrash metal in the jukebox, or because of snorting too much hillbilly heroin.

Now a real road – Auburn Avenue.
“Auburn Avenue” by The Spirit of Atlanta (produced by the legendary Tommy Stewart, from the 1973 soundtrack to the never-made film The Burning of Atlanta)

This whoooooole album is sooooooooooo goooooooooooooood. I can only imagine what the movie for which it was recorded would be like. What was the plan for “Buttermilk Bottom“? I am dying to see the heavy nightlife scene for which that was likely intended. There’s also “Hunter Street” (now MLK Drive – thanks jolomo) which is clearly scored for a police chase scene. And if you like funk woodwind and brass riffs, you’ll love the instrumental “Down Underground“!

Here’s one last song with street undertones, while we’re on the subject of Tommy Stewart. Continue reading

Atlanta’s music scene

8 Aug

In 1970, on this very day in history, somehow Atlanta got a centerfold in Billboard for having a happening music scene.

Most of the stories in this section of the weekly magazine are of the boosterish quality that exemplifiy anything that the city’s movers and shakers could twist enough arms to get written about them in the national press, when they weren’t already writing it themselves in the local media.
Continue reading

Finally! GSU’s school spirit: “The life here is so urban where we learnin'”

14 Jul

Remember that terrrrrrrrrible song by the GTGs of Georgia Tech, called “The Ratio“? And that embarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrassing UGA Orientation Leader music video, “Party in the UGA“? Georgia State University finally has its own peppy music video – “Bleed Blue” – the opening notes of which sounds a little like the overture to Red, White, and Blaine. Undergraduates probably feel deep pride for this college football-inspired theme, whereas I just admire Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ’s silky Jermaine Stewart locks.
(via GSU’s library blog)

Anyone can related to wanting salads with raisins and ranch dressing! Anyone can relate to wanting a class in the “fancy” (relatively – by GSU standards) and over-air-conditioned Aderhold building where “you can follow me as we walk past the homeless/in Woodruff Park, yeah, I kind of feel like they my homies.” Anyone can relate to wanting to dance in a tube top in a Downtown plaza! That’s why this video is so universal, regardless of one’s affiliation with GSU or not.

Frenchy917 has so many other Panther spirit videos on YouTube, too. SO MANY.

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Anarchy in the PDL

4 May

Here’s another charming reminder of Atlanta’s relentless gentrification and decline and unfulfilled threat of gentrification and even further decline: An early ’80s be-turtlenecked Tom Zarrilli performing “Destroy Midtown”, a vicious punk number with the band Attack and Decay to protest the closing of the Nitery Club on Ponce.

Warning: Contains satirical adult language and graphic descriptions of violence inflicted on landlords and Evil Real Estate Developers!

If you’ve been on his tour of Ponce de Leon Avenue, you’ll recall that the Nitery Club is where the owner sold Italian men’s dress shoes behind the bar. According to Mr. Zarrilli, after the Nitery Club shut down, it briefly became a gay bar, and then a Greek restaurant called the Golden Dolphin. Now it is that grown-up version of a college dining hall adored by overcooked pasta lovers all over town, Eats.

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s been a long-time fear of Ponce de Leon Avenue becoming upscale or overly yuppie. Now there is a Whole Foods, a Chipotle, and an Urban Outfitters on Ponce – all signs of modern middle-class retail development. But there is also the vandalized City Hall East, the rotting empty Clermont Hotel, Model T bar, the mysterious Lake Building, and the woman who pleasures herself on a beach towel in front of the vacant Wachovia at the corner of Monroe Avenue. Ponce doesn’t have a Smut Busters like Cheshire Bridge Road (well, Midtown Ponce Security Alliance) but there is an ongoing resentment of the crime and blight issues related to the sharp divide between Midtown and Old Fourth Ward that Ponce represents, as well as, on the other hand, the isolated development or “revitalization” that has happened (don’t even get us started on Sembler parking lots and in the ’50s and ’60s what an article in The Great Speckled Bird alluded to as “a shadowy group called the Ponce de Leon Association”). Everything we find about Ponce’s condition since the dissolution of Atlanta’s urban core echoes the same concerns, like everything else about Atlanta ever – but we’re too busy to be self-reflective or observe multi-decade patterns of failure!

Do you think “Destroy Midtown” played last Saturday night when 3 Legged Cowboy closed?

According to our sources, there should be another tour of Ponce this spring/early summer, so watch the Urban Hiking blog or email list for updates.

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Alma mater

30 Mar

Any fans of the documentary Alma in the house tonight? The film shows little clips of Margie Thorpe’s band Miss Margie and the Tall Boys performing, but here’s a full song – gospel hymn “I Saw the Light,” live at Austin Avenue Cafe (was this in Inman Park?).

Here’s the part where we would normally tell you to go rent Alma (set mostly in Hapeville and, I think, the West End; IMDb key words: “Exhibitionism,” “Southern U.S.,” “Mother Daughter”) at Movies Worth Seeing as we were once also wisely instructed to do, but now there’s a special urgency to that assignment because they’re closing soon forever!! And all the movies are not only for rent, but for sale!

(Don’t worry, WEEKS AGO we bought all the VHS documentaries that had anything to do with Georgia or food, if only to spite the person who tried to throw away our VCR last month.)

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St. Patrick’s Day, again??

17 Mar

It would be so easy to write another throwaway St. Patrick’s Day post about Thomas Wheatley. TOO EASY. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. Instead, we will talk about the most famous Irish person to ever emerge from Atlanta (really, Jonesboro): Scarlett O’Hara.
Okay, so she wasn’t a “real” person. And this isn’t a “real” photograph of her, but just a Madame Alexander doll. But you know what is real? This video Stevie Nicks did, the forgotten, original “Stand Back” music video, inspired by Gone With the Wind! Continue reading

Sweatin’ in ATL

17 Dec


Was anyone else disappointed when initially you thought this was going to be a music video about the virtues of public transit but then you realized it might be about sex? But then you were un-disappointed when it turned out to be about going to Mary’s? But then you were kind of blown away when Mary’s interior looked like EuroSimCity/praise and worship portion of a megachurch conference?
Anyway, this is your Christmas miracle, a new song about Atlanta’s nightlife to replace “Tardy for the Party” in your jambox!! YAY!

(A million thanks to commenter “b4ce1” for this.)

Teenage pizza party all over again!

19 Mar

partyflyerMy favorite pizza place in Atlanta, Cameli’s, is turning 13 and hosting a big birthday blow-out on Saturday. For $8, you get “free” pizza, Atlas Sound, Abby Go Go, and Facehugger. I don’t know how beer factors into that cover, except that it will be there.

The party is downstairs from Cameli’s, meaning Underground Murder Kroger will definintely be more hopping than Underground Atlanta.

Atlanta welcomes Joaquin Phoenix!

27 Feb

Pecanne Log’s trusted source sites have confirmed that tonight Joaquin Phoenix in all of his post-break down glory will be at Lenny’s tonight. This is no sham. A Myspace bulletin from Lenny’s Bar revealed that the secret guest performer for this evenings Fuggin Awesome One Year Anniversary Party is indeed none other than post-breakdown Phoenix.


Straight from the horse’s mouth (well, Lenny’s bulletin):

Joaquin Phoenixx will be bring his REAL RAP GAME!
GET READY ATL!!!!!!!!!!”

If he can live up to the rap performance he has been promising since leaving the film stage, this night is going to be one you tell the grandkids about. I find it hard to believe that anyone has better plans than this.

UPDATE: The party poopers at Paste say it’s a hoax. Whatever, people, keep the dream alive!

Drum Major for Justice

19 Jan

It’s not too late in MLK Jr. Day to delight in this 1986 hit from the King Dream Chorus & Holiday Crew called “King Holiday” (via oceanchum). This superstar band includes Run DMC, New Edition, Whitney Houston’s spirit, Menudo, Lisa Lisa, &c. &c. in celebration of the first official federal holiday commemorating Dr. King and his service. Dexter Scott King does a little introduction to the song by taking some kids around the King Center. More background on “King Holiday” plus the lyrics can be found here.

This wasn’t the first MLK Day-related song – Stevie Wonder released the single “Happy Birthday” in 1981 to lobby for a national holiday on Dr. King’s birthday. Wikipedia informs me that Stevie Wonder also sang this song at the closing of the 1996 Olympics.

Oooh, and what other song was sung at the closing ceremony? HINT. Wait, is “The Power of the Dream about Olympic glory and Nike sponsorships or universal human rights and racial transcendence? Is Celine Dion (or her songwriters) more clever than I thought? You know what, I don’t want to know. Enjoy Ricky Martin in the above video.

Previously: “Welcome to Forsyth County – they don’t mean it.”

Celine Dion sucks…

18 Jan

…because she performed in Atlanta last night and did not sing “The Power of the Dream.” Does the IOC or Andrew Young or Izzy own the rights to this song so Celine isn’t allowed to perform it live anymore?

Photo stolen from’s “Celine Dion wows Atlanta fans” gallery.

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MJH is here!

29 Oct

I have to show you the following conversation that just took place to express the complete exhilaration and surprise at what is happening right now:

Matt: Clarissa is filming a movie outside my window
me: Clarissa? Like, Clarissa Explains It All?
Matt: yea. I just watched them do a scene. Looks gay.
me: NO FUCKING WAY. I used to love that show!
me: are you sure its melissa joan hart
Matt: yes I am not retarded…

This is big ladies and gentlemen. Joey Lawrence had been filming at the Botanical Gardens as well last week and apparently this is all for the same movie, Your Presence is Requested. Ever since New Kids on the Block started touring again producers from the early 90’s are deciding to resurrect any possible means of cashing in on a now mid-twenties crowd who are gluttons for nostalgia.

Speaking of NKOTB, apparently they are at the Gwinnett Center tonight, so for those of you who still have photos of Donnie and Joey on your wall you can go try to relive the moments of prepubescence.


Filming in action thanks to Matt

These 7th graders can’t even vote and they know what’s up

24 Oct

Whoa, things are getting rough. A colleague who parked in Inman Effing Park reports that someone ripped the Obama sticker right off of her treasured liberal Subaru! Be careful out there and guard your bumpers!

If you’re still undecided (what is wrong with you?), seventh graders from the Ron Clark Academy sang a remake of TI’s “Whatever You Like” at the Coca-Cola Leadership Summit, and they can help you out. Instead of highlighting the benefits of a sugar daddy, the song is rechristened into a lively debate over the presidential candidates.

Click through to the YouTube page if you need the lyrics, because they’re really cute (e.g. “Stick with McCain you’re gonna have some drama”). The most entertaining part is when Ron Clark gets really into hating on the Obama side. (via Videogum)

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Ladies and gentlemen

14 Sep

Next Saturday Criminal Records is hosting a screening of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, which no longer must toil in cult film purgatory because is out on DVD Tuesday. Check out the awesome trailer above and you will see why it’s so exciting that this movie is finally available to the general public!

“The Fabulous Stains” stars a 14-year-old Diane Lane as a disaffected suburban teen, who starts her own all girl punk band, The Stains. This is a true cult classic that reflects the cynicism of the early 80’s MTV/Reagan era. The movie also stars Paul Cook and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Paul Simonon of The Clash as English punks, The Professionals.

The Lock Outs, the stars of the Atlanta’s Girls Rock Camp, will be performing live before the film.

9/20, 6 PM, Aurora Coffee – 468 Moreland Ave

Treasure hunting

5 Sep

I had grand plans about interviewing my BF about the new used record store Criminal Records is opening around the corner from their current spot in Little Five Points, but he seemed less than excited about the prospect. Besides, does anyone really enjoy reading interviews anyways? The only real question I had was whether or not the new store would also have the counter three feet higher than their customers. Thankfully Manager Adam at Criminal has assured me that I will no longer have to feel even more vertically challenged during my visits to the new store.

The new Criminal store is slated to be open sometime before Halloween, so if all goes as planned you will have plenty of time to get your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping done well in advance. I know they have been going around to a lot of estates and private collections to do the buying for the store, and the claim so far is that there is “some good shit.” The new space will consist of everything from the current location plus more of a focus on premium used vinyl. To quote Adam: “We also believe the new location will provide our customers with a more comfortable, less-claustrophobic, more-inviting shopping experience.” The new space is going to be just around the corner, right around Stefan’s and Lucky Devil. Once the new space is open, the current Criminal is going to be used for graphic novels and comics exclusively. Think Bizarro Criminal.

Until then, for those of you anxiously awaiting crates of records to flip through, October 11th at the Little Five Points Community Center, Criminal will be hosting The Little 5 Points Vinyl Harvest. It starts at Noon and goes until they run out of steam. Admission is a mere $2 and for that you get tons of vendors, DJs, beer, food, and good times a-plenty! Excellent opportunity to pick up some new records and hang out with your fellow vinyl nerds.

Totally Titties Two hits Lenny’s

5 Sep

Girl, you know we can’t call ourselves a ladyblog and not write about breast cancer. Tomorrow night is Totally Titties Two, the second annual breast cancer fundraiser/awarenessraiser at Lenny’s. Organizer Diana Presson is interviewed in this month’s Pine Magazine if you want to know more about the inspiration behind the event (spoiler: it’s curing breast cancer).

In Totally Titties’ first year, they raised $3000; this year the pre-show carnival includes a dunking booth stocked with members of the performing bands as well as other people you might want to see soaking wet, so I hope they can surpass last year’s funds significantly. Proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

All the details are on the adorable poster to the left, so I won’t bother repeating.

It’s also the same night as another fundraiser – this time for legal fees – for “Kyle” et al who were arrested at the RNC earlier this week. We’ll let you decide which one is the nobler cause deserving of your charitable $10. Alternatively, you can spend $10 on a large Dippin’ Dots at the laser show.

Can you even stand it?

14 Aug

This just in: Deerhunter will be performing for free at Vacation Gallery and Boutique on Friday at 7 PM. This is going to smell really, really bad, you guys. But: FREE! And you don’t have to pay for Gwinnett Civic Center parking! And maybe Trent Reznor will still be there! Oh, let’s hope so!

674A N. Highland Avenue

Quoth the Raven, “That’s so Raven.”

1 Aug

If you’re just getting home from tonight’s George Michael concert, have I got the thing to keep your buzz going all the way through next week: hometown-ish heroine Raven-Symoné live at Six Flags on Sunday! Prior to her 6 PM performance, she’ll be signing her new DVD at the depressing Howell Mill Wal-Mart. You can’t lose!

But can we expect her to sing her smash 1993 hit, “That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of”?

Probably not – ever since she grew those eyebrows like George Michael‘s she’s forgotten her roots!

This July 15, YOU come first!

7 Jul

You guys! We finally got a man with the people in his plan! A candidate who also holds a doctorate in Psyconeurokinesthetics, a field which he also invented!

A man with the powers to resurrect Roger Troutman of Zapp to sing, “Baby, baby, baby, baby,” in his outrageously catchy campaign song. “The People Come First” may be this primary season’s “Vote 4 Miss Angela.” Crank your speakers!

(via you know who)

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