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Into the crystal

20 Oct

Happy Halloween! Almost! Please spend some time working through the six short episodes of Diligent Witches, written/directed by Dave Bonawits.

We saw episode 4 (“Wicked Dance”) at something at the Plaza Theater earlier this year where a bunch of people who hung out at the Plaza frequently when they were at GSU as art/film students showed their comedic short films and web episodes that they have been making as successful young adults. (Well, the event was much more professional and put-together than we’re making it sound here but you know what we mean.) Diligent Witches was one of our favorites, among many high-quality and funny pieces.

Speaking of being a witch, somehow this very blog “won” a “Best of Atlanta 2012” nod from Creative Loafing in the fake sounding category of “Best recap by a local blogger of a 1990s educational series.” Clearly no one fact checked the date stamp on those recap posts of ours, but if you are here to read about The Making of Modern Atlanta, you should start on this post. If you are here and work for Creative Loafing, we want one of those plaques all the restaurants and businesses have.

Hey, what’s up in Atlanta?

26 Jan

Atlanta, Indiana by Flickr user J. Stephen Conn

Sometimes when we get too bummed out here in Atlanta, Georgia, we like to check in on what other Atlantas are up to, to see if they’re living up to the hype, or even just making do. Makes us feel like we’re not alone in the world – somewhere out there, there’s another Atlanta, plodding along, learning valuable lessons through its constant mistakes, and just trying to make a name for itself in this crazy game we call life.

Atlanta, Illinois via

Atlanta, Illinois: It’s hard to tell a lot of what’s up in Atlanta, Illinois, as the Atlanta Argus is updated online only monthly. The water leak on North Street will be repaired soon. There is a problem with unnumbered houses in the town that the council has to deal with. Dollar General needs a business license and the grocery wants to start selling liquor on Sunday.

There is so much to see and do in Atlanta, located along Route 66 and proud site of “the Bunyon Statue” of Paul Bunyan holding a hot dog and Illinois’ only eight-sided limestone public library and museum. You can get some great Atlanta souvenirs at the J. H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum and find out where cornflakes come from in their new exhibit. Continue reading

Sneak peek!

29 Jun

This past weekend while researching the second installment of Pecanne Log’s Rural Explorer, which has been a full year in the making, we snooped around Cedartown. I had to go ahead and post these pictures and urge you to make haste to Cedartown because last Friday wrapped a shoot for an upcoming Billy Bob Thornton movie in downtown Cedartown. This was/is a gigantic deal for the little town, and a gigantic deal for me as the whole downtown is still done up like it’s in 1969 small town Alabama (the setting). I’m not sure how long the “set” will be up, or if the production crew took it down on Monday – but if you’re going up that way for the 4th of July weekend, check it out if you love good old-fashioned window dressings!

Continue reading

Boys of Summer, Part I

14 Jun

Helloooooo Georgia Historical Society Senior Historian Dr. Stan Deaton, star of Today in Georgia History!

For the record, until Councilmember Alex Wan grows back his surfer hair, we will not be featuring him as a Pecanne Log Boy of Summer!

Well, maybe for old times’ sake we’ll post one screenshot of his previously wavy locks just to remind us how it used to be:
Thank you to the special tipster who sent us that screenshot.

Happy Holidays

24 Dec

"Santa + reindeer in Plaza Way - looking up at Kimball House" (December 4, 1951)

via the Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection at Indiana University

Just thankful that “hick” rhymes with “sticks”

24 Nov

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Knowing what fans we are of both Murder, She Wrote AND Transit TV, many of our readers have been dying to know, “When will Pecanne Log break their legendary silence over the passing of Tom Bosley, which occurred way back on October 19?” Consider the silence SHATTERED…we just didn’t want to let the tragedy ruin Halloween. Now let’s move on to the holiday at hand.)

Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving, no matter how far yonder you have to go to celebrate!

Which Southern stereotype are you most thankful for?

(And since you asked, that little number is from the deliiiiiiiiiiiightful Bloodhounds of Broadway.)

Unsolved mysteries

19 Aug

If anyone loves a good mystery, it’s me. But I want my mysteries solved within one and a half, maybe two hours (allowing for commercial or bathroom breaks). That’s why, readers, I NEED YOUR HELP with the things that have been keeping me up at night (besides ghosts and booty jams).

Riddle me this:

1. What is going on with Buddy’s extreme wine/convenience store makeover? What is the intended outcome in removing their iconic, decayed lettering?

2. What is “The Phoenix, the newspaper of Underground Atlanta”? This was in the back flap of a recipe book called Georgia Receipts that was at Antique Factory ages ago. (Here is the cover.)
Continue reading

Then and now: Pastimes of Atlanta’s elephants

31 Jul

THEN (1933): Elephant rings a bell to demand she be brought pretzels and beer; drinks beer; knocks over table in a drunken rage; blacks out.
You HAVE to watch the newsreel of this here (via British Pathe).

NOW (2010): Elephant paints on a canvas; politely greets onlookers.
Video at PBA’s This is Atlanta.

Maybe mankind is rapidly losing our sense of morals and decency with each passing generation, but the animal kingdom seems to be growing quite mannerly and cultivated.

Previously: Animals are Atlantans too

The Atlanta malaise

5 May

Aren’t we embarrassed about abandoning this blog for a month?! April was the cruellest month. Maybe it’s been seeing the city in the harsh light of daylight savings time that has us feeling a little blah about everything. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYWHERE ELSE WE’D RATHER BE! But you know how it’s been around here – no one has jobs, certain people didn’t win certain elected offices so we have to treat them as private citizens, baby animals are dropping dead left and right and the AJC won’t let Mark Davis cover this so we don’t even know how to feel about the whole thing, not a single DJ in Atlanta will play Jermaine Stewart when we ask for it, we had to ride home on buses marked with red Xs a couple of weeks ago, and all the gourmet popsicles in the world can’t make us feel excited about summer because we didn’t even have time to get over spring’s runny allergy eyes before the humidity kicked in.

Oh, and then THIS:

Anyway, I blame Imagineering Atlanta for making me feel so anemic about this place. Has anyone else read this book? (Besides members of our book club.)

Tween genius

25 Jan

Stephen Stafford makes my heart explode, in a good way. T. Wheatdawg profiled this 13-year-old Morehouse sophomore for Creative Loafing. Someone needs to make this kid the face of Atlanta, stat!

I just love the idea of the city, like downtown Atlanta. I went there for the first time the other week. We went to this building and it had a radio station. I was on two radio shows in the same building. And I just loved downtown.

Rah rah rah!

Here’s an Inside DeKalb video interview of the little tyke from last summer.

Stephen is infinitely more appealing than the last Georgia homeschooler to make the news.

Pre-Brand Atlanta

21 Jan

Ahh, the ol’ “pros and cons about Atlanta” list. We’ve all been there! Somehow the negatives always outweigh the positives (like in this case: the good “Babyland General Hospital” vs. the bad “Missing and Murdered Children Cases”) but we always stick around because we would be too embarrassed to leave and then have to come back after running out of money trying to find a job in Portland.

My Convention Task Force list would be, off the top of my head:


Legynds LARPers
Thomas Wheatley
Furries v. Klingons
City of Decatur (incorporated areas only)


Honky tubes commenters
The demise of Fruitopia
Blue jean bandits
City of Buckhead

I’m sure I left off something.

(From the July 1988 issue of Harper’s. Click to enlarge.)

A Spanx-worthy affair!

2 Sep

Weddings09-1Fact: I am getting married, and soon! So…I don’t know, I just felt like I should address why there hasn’t been any action here at Pecanne Log lately. Not for want of material, because I just went to the DHS Sell-Out Center this week and have so much to say/show about that that place. But if you don’t hear a peep around here for another few weeks, it’s because of getting married. And if you don’t hear anything for months, it’s because I died of swine flu on my honeymoon.

But do please know we just renewed the domain name, so we’re in for at least another 365 days, y’all!!

Happy 4th of July!

4 Jul

I did a Google image search of “Atlanta 4th of July” and this was my favorite find.

Happy Independence Day!

Best license plate ever

25 Jun


I don’t know how many people out there need to reregister your cars this month, but I am pretty bummed that I just shelled out $34 for a new license plate in Dekalb County. ‘Why?’ you ask. Well, the Georgia Aquarium just announced the new design for Georgia Aquarium license plates. Damn you, Miles Cline, and your winnings!

Miles Cline was the lucky grand prize winner of our random drawing, winning a trip for two to Marineland for a day of dolphin programs and encounters!

If you are lucky enough to have a birthday that falls after the cursed month of June, you can buy your awesome license plate here.

I feel cheated

20 May

Why wasn’t this home featured on the Modern Atlanta home tour last weekend? Because it is in Snellville? Racist. Speaking of racist, did the AJC just describe the home as “Bollywood chic” because the family who lives there is from India? The house is more like “Less Than Zero chic.” Anyway, you have to see this photo gallery in AJC’s usually boring “Private Quarters” feature. But this time: prepare to have your mind blown by the Chunaras’ $100,000 worth of decor. I have never been inside Huff Furniture on Peachtree, but this is basically what I imagined.

I’m going to go watch Designing Women now.

Previously: The best “My Style” ever

Professional development

17 May

We ordered these sweet little website cards from Avie Designs in Decatur. Here’s Avis’ Etsy store and blog if you want to see more. Not sure what we’ll actually do with these cards yet (give them out???) but they were super inexpensive, arrived really quickly, and came in cute packaging so they were, you know, a perfect impulse purchase!

Ding Dong- Where the hell is Tom Selleck in all this?

15 May

TomSelleck2While everyone has been carrying on about Ashton Kutcher is  “ding dong dicking” everyone, I have not been able to stop wondering where Tom Selleck has been in all of this. While Ashton has been busy showing off how many Twitter friends he has, Tom Selleck has been hovering in the background with aging heartthrobs all over Atlanta.

Filming for their Five Killers movie has been going on all over Atlanta in various office buildings for weeks now but still there is no sign of Magnum outside of reruns on A&E. Has anyone seen him?

Just so you know

22 Apr

ART buildingPosting around here will be light/non-existent for a little while longer as things in real life demand too much intellectual energy to come up with any good Atlanta fan fiction for you, beloved readership.

For now, you could entertain yourself with Vice’s Guide to Atlanta. If you know everything they’re talking about, then it’s probably time for you to move away from here ASAP. If you are mad that they didn’t mention Leon’s Full Service, then you are probably a Decatur blogger.

More April Fool’s laffs from DeKalb County

1 Apr

“DeKalb Officials Seek ‘Freaknic [sic]-DeKalb’ to Spur Revenue” appeared on GoDeKalb. Is April Fool’s Day always like this in Atlanta, or is the fragile state of hope in the city perfect for cruel pranks like the empty promise of  Thomas Pynchon?

freaknik.xxxxnws 06

(photo via ATLien/AJC)

Jack Bauer: The Musical

1 Apr


I hate April Fools. It allows uncaring people like Curt Holman to get 24 fans like myself to think that something as amazing as Jack Bauer: The Musical could actually exist. Appliance Theater. You are not funny Curt. I do have to say though, that is a muscial I would pay money to see.

Alright fine. Good job, Curt. Good job.

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