Gonna put it in the want ads

30 Jan

Good reading: the classified section of the Great Speckled Bird archives.
Accused of “spreading sexist attitudes” through its classifieds section (“requesting young, hip, white, females to move in free of charge and do housewifely chores”), the Bird ditched the money-making sexist ads in 1970 and just offered the space for free.In this section there were a lot of requests for prison pen pals (A LOT), desperate family members seeking their hippie dropout kids, free cats and poetry, waterbeds and VW vans for sale, cheap macrame kits, fundraising pleas for various liberation movements and lesbian fairy tale publications, and really cryptic personal ads. We can only hope the intended recipients got the message.

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One Response to “Gonna put it in the want ads”

  1. Hot damn, Charlotte Ann! Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    Oh, Gawd! I remember reading the unclassy-ified ads as a kid and both laughing and scratching my head because it was turning out that adults were really a lot more creepy and complicated that I wanted them to be. And what was with all of the importance of sharing one’s sign? No doubt, it was a tell of some sort.

    Oh, and I have a feeling that the kitties that Big Shanty Productions was offering had nothing to do with felines. Just guessing.

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