Hey, what’s up in Atlanta?

26 Jan

Atlanta, Indiana by Flickr user J. Stephen Conn

Sometimes when we get too bummed out here in Atlanta, Georgia, we like to check in on what other Atlantas are up to, to see if they’re living up to the hype, or even just making do. Makes us feel like we’re not alone in the world – somewhere out there, there’s another Atlanta, plodding along, learning valuable lessons through its constant mistakes, and just trying to make a name for itself in this crazy game we call life.

Atlanta, Illinois via http://www.atlantaillinois.org

Atlanta, Illinois: It’s hard to tell a lot of what’s up in Atlanta, Illinois, as the Atlanta Argus is updated online only monthly. The water leak on North Street will be repaired soon. There is a problem with unnumbered houses in the town that the council has to deal with. Dollar General needs a business license and the grocery wants to start selling liquor on Sunday.

There is so much to see and do in Atlanta, located along Route 66 and proud site of “the Bunyon Statue” of Paul Bunyan holding a hot dog and Illinois’ only eight-sided limestone public library and museum. You can get some great Atlanta souvenirs at the J. H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum and find out where cornflakes come from in their new exhibit.

Atlanta, Kansas: This tiny town has STOLEN OUR HEARTS. First of all, read this:

It’s a compact little town, four blocks in each direction. What makes Atlanta special is the way the town works together. The big round table in the Branding Iron Cafe, the heart of town, is a good example. This table, and the other furniture, was built by local volunteers when they were rebuilding the building that houses the cafe; over 5,000 hours of volunteer labor. The building itself is owned by a community economic development group that makes sure that Atlanta has the essentials, including a cafe. Other community projects are an outstanding volunteer fire department and a local first-response team for medical emergencies. Community efforts also keep the downtown buildings maintained and occupied. The old movie theater is still used as a community center. The 1921 City Hall has a tiny jail inside, but the building is mostly used now for preparing utility bills.

Right now you are like, “Tiny jail!!! TINY JAIL!!! SO CUTE!!!” But get this: Atlanta also has Willow Roc MINIATURE HORSE FARM!!! They accept Paypal and have a 30-day layaway plan!!!

Atlanta, Texas: A mini-cyclone hit downtown Atlanta in August of last year and the city is still repairing some stuff. Meanwhile, the First Baptist Church is raising money to build on a nice addition.

Atlanta, Texas Mayor Keith Crow

The mayor is also a real estate agent. This “Great Home for the Entertainer” is listed at $169,500. Did I mention Scott Joplin was born in the Greater Atlanta area? Think about it.

Atlanta, Indiana via http://www.atlantaindiana.com

Atlanta, Indiana: Atlanta hosts the annual arts, crafts, and flea New Earth Festival (train rides available). It is home to local businesses such as Olde Town Grooming Salon (“grooms all breeds of dogs in a professional setting with NO TRANQUILIZERS AND NO ABUSE!”), the Atlanta Mercantile Whistle Stop Soda Shoppe, the East Street Inn and Suites (“A dream destination for the people who treasure every moment of their life, even on their business trips and long staying out of their home”), the Atlanta Music Hall (“Wednesday is ‘Jam Night'”), Dollar General Store #6923, and Lisa’s Pie Shop. Our favorite moments are 0:17 and 1:32:

Atlanta, Missouri via http://www.ci.atlanta.mo.us

Atlanta, Missouri: You can have fresh eggs delivered from the Dausman Hobby Farm for $1/dozen, and a pint of honey from the Creech Bee Farm for $7. A Main Street Burger with cheese is $3.25 and an Atlanta Burger with cheese is $3.75 at the Olde Atlanta Locker Restaurant, “where meats no longer hang around but our friends do.” Enjoy this photo essay – and do give Kelly a call the next time you are passing through Atlanta.

5 Responses to “Hey, what’s up in Atlanta?”

  1. junior Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    Dont forget Atlanta, Delaware.

  2. Kyle Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    I grew up not far from Atlanta, New York, in an only slightly-larger town. Said Empire State Atlanta is a crossroads hamlet, with a VFW; a quaint, decommissioned railway depot; and, on its outskirts, a self-taught phrenologist.

    One would pass through Atlanta, N.Y., en route to Cohocton for the annual Fall Foliage Festival, wherein attendees would contently chomp fried dough/corn dogs/curly fries while admiring the autumnal colors, and gawking at people camping all weekend in the trees. Their prize for doing so: GLORY.

    Atlanta also was on the way to buy grape pies in the Finger Lakes.

    • pecanne log Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

      Atlanta, NY sounds SO MUCH BETTER than Atlanta, GA! One has to drive 2 hours in any direction from Atlanta, GA to get a decent fruit pie or fritter!!

      • mike Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

        Your kidding right? i live next to New York, Its full of immigrants who speak No English. i would love to move down south or anywere in the country, i love hunting and fishing. New york is basically changing America into another country.

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